Bill Green

Name a brand or media channel and Bill Green’s probably worked on and in it. An art director by trade, he’s focused on an overall holistic approach to brand madness that merges the worlds of traditional, digital and social – whatever it takes.

Having worked previously with Darryl and Humongo and current AdVerve podcast partner with Angela, he’s currently doing creative strategy and pitch development with BFG in Hilton Head. The ad blog Make The Logo Bigger is about his experiences in the world of advertising and beyond.

Angela Natividad

Angela Natividad is a strategist, copywriter and journalist based in Paris. She writes MarketingProfs’ #SocialSkim, is a frequent guest on marketing podcast The Beancast, and co-hosts AdVerve the podcast. Most of her secret thoughts are on her blog, Live and Uncensored.

Darryl Ohrt

Darryl Ohrt is a former punk rocker, and Executive Creative Director at Carrot Creative, in NYC. In addition to his posts here, he also writes for Advertising Age’s Small Agency Diary, as the voice of the small guy in a big, big world.

After founding the legendary agency Humongo, he sold out to the man, left the entrepreneurial life and joined Carrot. Now he’s the self proclaimed Prime Minister of Awesome, and he’s tweeting, blogging, and exploring the internets as if it matters. He knows just enough to be dangerous, and is always ready for action.

Posts tagged "student projects"

Students Vine Your Favourite Shows at MIPTV

We’re live at MIPTV this week, and the Paris-Dauphine student team from @Blog226 is helping build TV-related EXCITEMENTS! with #TweetMyShow.

How it works: Tweet them your favourite TV show with hashtag #TweetMyShow and the team will do a Vine rendition within the day. This will be going on throughout the week. Think of it as Swedeing for the postmodern super-ADD crowd.

A few of the goodies they made today:

Game of Thrones


Veronica Mars


Give these guys a challenge! And don’t ask for Baywatch; someone’s already done that:

Disclosure: MIPTV’s a client, because we totally do have real jobs.

Dinnertime Rhapsody.

As a graduation project for design school Gobelins in Paris, Charlotte Cambon, Soizic Mouton, Stéphanie Mercier and Marion Roussel produced a mesmerising rhapsody of dinnertime. Either you’re rethinking kids, or you’re suddenly validated in the beauty of your task as a chaos-calming parent. A table !

(Source: hallojo, via angelanatividad)

Sight Seeing: A trip through the mind, whenever you like

Remember when Bluetooth got cool, and we all had to mentally adjust to seeing people walking around having conversations with themselves in high-pitched voices?

The start of “Sight”, the graduation project of Bezaleal students Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, reminds us of that. It explores a world in which “smart” wifi-ready contact lenses are mainstream, and integration between our virtual and “actual” selves is so seamless that they inform our every activity, from gaming (awkwardly lonesome) to food preparation (deliciously gamey!) to dating (seedy and heavily profile-reliant).

The creepy lustre of the contact lenses is a little bit vampirey — that’d definitely take some getting used to — and the ending of the film is deliciously sinister. It plays with an idea we’ve flirted with for awhile: maybe the problem of tomorrow won’t be controlling our androids; it’ll be in our becoming androids. The transition won’t happen all at once or obviously; it will come, as Jesus apparently once said, “like a thief in the night.”

And just so you know, YES! — people are already working on wifi contact lenses, and they’ll be hitting the nearest cribbing college student sooner than you can say “pass those notes.”

(Source: disruptomatic)

The Printer that Will Rekindle Your Faith in Printers.

This is awesome. For his diploma project at the British Higher School of Art & Design in Moscow, Alex Zhulin has conceived OKSU, an instant printer that produces physical connections to what you see online.

It does this two ways: to start with, it makes printing what you see on-screen super easy (which is already more than any of our printers do). Secondly, you can tap your printout on any connected device to re-access the webpage, image, video or music album that you printed out.

Perhaps most awesomely, you don’t need printer cartridges because it OKSU uses Z-INK paper, which already contains pigment. Is this not the best thing you have seen all afternoon?

Taking virtual deejaying offline.

Students at the Miami Ad School came up with this cleverness to enhance the scope of Spotify: Jukebox, an app that lets you control the music of a venue and compete with others for mixmastery. Would be great to see this come to life. It’d be like Foursquare, except with built-in competitive social incentives that are more than superficial — something check-in sites haven’t really nailed.


Spotify Jukebox, and cool idea out of Miami Ad School.