Bill Green

Name a brand or media channel and Bill Green’s probably worked on and in it. An art director by trade, he’s focused on an overall holistic approach to brand madness that merges the worlds of traditional, digital and social – whatever it takes.

Having worked previously with Darryl and Humongo and current AdVerve podcast partner with Angela, he’s currently doing creative strategy and pitch development with BFG in Hilton Head. The ad blog Make The Logo Bigger is about his experiences in the world of advertising and beyond.

Angela Natividad

Angela Natividad is a strategist, copywriter and journalist based in Paris. She writes MarketingProfs’ #SocialSkim, is a frequent guest on marketing podcast The Beancast, and co-hosts AdVerve the podcast. Most of her secret thoughts are on her blog, Live and Uncensored.

Darryl Ohrt

Darryl Ohrt is a former punk rocker, and Executive Creative Director at Carrot Creative, in NYC. In addition to his posts here, he also writes for Advertising Age’s Small Agency Diary, as the voice of the small guy in a big, big world.

After founding the legendary agency Humongo, he sold out to the man, left the entrepreneurial life and joined Carrot. Now he’s the self proclaimed Prime Minister of Awesome, and he’s tweeting, blogging, and exploring the internets as if it matters. He knows just enough to be dangerous, and is always ready for action.

Posts tagged "psa"

Because you never saw twinkies and Pepsi on Breaking Bad.

Admittedly it’s a stretch to work Pepsi, Twinkies and Breaking Bad together but since this weekend is about addiction (carbs, shopping), so what. Credit to The Bigger Project equating sugar with the drug it is in this rap-fest, all wrapped up with a nice BK-inspired logo. Sugar-free as I’ve been for some time now, I won’t judge you your pumpkin pie indulgence though. I just won’t. Enjoy!

What are you having?

This nicely-paced ad frames a silent but important question: would learning your unborn baby’s sexuality be any different, any less wonderful, than learning its sex?

Via Le Publigeekaire.

Saving water in Minneapolis, North Carolina – one bee at a time.

That’s what Burt’s Bees says. (From Baldwin&am.)

In case of fallout, always grab a turtle.

Is there a better cautionary reptile than the turtle? WE THINK NOT. Everyone, before you Duck and Cover, head to Petco.

Melbourne Metro Cutesies Up to Save Us from Stupid Deaths

Someone once said that in Japan, the police depict themselves as cartoon characters in official public notices because humans go marshmallowy when faced with cute. Somewhat confirming this, East London’s conducted some light experiments in gauging whether cute can reduce crime, plastering babies’ faces in rough boroughs.

Adding to this fine tradition, the Melbourne Metro’s commissioned this PAINFULLY ADORABLE AND TERRIFICALLY CATCHY! video to keep people from doing dumb shit of the potentially-fatal variety, like running across the tracks, playing Don Quixote with toasters and forks … and selling your kidneys on the net(?!).

We don’t know if it’s gonna help resist that paralysing urge to lick the third rail when back out in the wild, but we do know our pupils expanded to three times their normal size … much like the heart of the Grinch.

Download the candy-sweet folk tune at

Dump happiness into the ocean.

Cue Coke legal! Chainsaws and erectile dysfunction await the imbibers of black death (and I’m not just saying that because I’m off sugar). The Coke bears want you should pay heed and stop Happiness before you come down with a case of The Sugar. (Via.)

Stragglers will get you killed.

Leave those bitches behind because they will definitely slow your ass down with their … indecision. It’s either a case of Big Brother just wants to help or really #toosoon video, but the Department of Homeland Security has released a video on surviving a potential mass shooting event. Run. Hide. Fight. Your choice!

Your marker can also be used as a flotation device.

Sure, if you tape like, 1,500 of them together. A long way to go for a safety vid from Air New Zealand? Yep.  So why are we showing this then. Because of the song, opposable thumb reference and kiwi accent!

Because men only express suicidal thoughts to a moose.

Step into Rich Mahogany’s Testostaroom for some real real man on man therapy. Par for the advertising industry: no topic is off-limits as long as you present it humorously. Works for comics, here, not so much as takes things lightly with the topic of men and suicide. (Agency: Cactus.)

Peeing under the influence.

Well, that’s what we expected this was, some sorta magical device that measured blood alcohol levels. IT DOES NOT. It simply talks to you and warns you about the dangers of PUI DUI.

The ghost of backseat driving past.

It’s outrageous PSA time!

Teach a crab to use a tampon and you’ve taught it for life.

WAS THIS THE MESSAGE O.B. WAS SENDING FOR EARTH DAY? I think so. Environmental cautionary tales certainly come more gracefully but are seldom as odd. Crabs also welcome on Facebook too. (Via.)

Stop, pop and play dead.

I love this as much as this. There’s a nice twist here - ouch - in some FINE road safety messaging for the UK’s Think! campaign. (From Lynn Fox, via.)

Crack some ribs to the Bee Gees.

And Vinnie Jones, mate! The latest update to the How To Perform CPR playbook says no kissing and lots of Bee Gees, with a touch of the Guy Ritchie alum thrown in for good measure. Courtesy of the British Heart Foundation. (Via.)