Bill Green

Name a brand or media channel and Bill Green’s probably worked on and in it. An art director by trade, he’s focused on an overall holistic approach to brand madness that merges the worlds of traditional, digital and social – whatever it takes.

Having worked previously with Darryl and Humongo and current AdVerve podcast partner with Angela, he’s currently doing creative strategy and pitch development with BFG in Hilton Head. The ad blog Make The Logo Bigger is about his experiences in the world of advertising and beyond.

Angela Natividad

Angela Natividad is a strategist, copywriter and journalist based in Paris. She writes MarketingProfs’ #SocialSkim, is a frequent guest on marketing podcast The Beancast, and co-hosts AdVerve the podcast. Most of her secret thoughts are on her blog, Live and Uncensored.

Darryl Ohrt

Darryl Ohrt is a former punk rocker, and Executive Creative Director at Carrot Creative, in NYC. In addition to his posts here, he also writes for Advertising Age’s Small Agency Diary, as the voice of the small guy in a big, big world.

After founding the legendary agency Humongo, he sold out to the man, left the entrepreneurial life and joined Carrot. Now he’s the self proclaimed Prime Minister of Awesome, and he’s tweeting, blogging, and exploring the internets as if it matters. He knows just enough to be dangerous, and is always ready for action.

Posts tagged "john st"

Your kids don’t care, but your clients do.

One of the issues people have with the industry is how important it is to itself. Which is why we sometimes need reminding that we just make ads, that’s it. And that nobody cares, really, besides our clients and a handful of zealous ad students that all want to work at W+K.

Canada’s Cassie Awards is dedicated to recognising advertising that was actually ruled to be effective. They kinda like to think of themselves as the Canadian Effies (irony: no one cares). But here’s some of the funny work they’ve done to promote their upcoming ceremony.



Work by the inimitable john st., which we totally do care about … even if their ex-wives don’t.

Shoutout to Glossy for these bad-boys.

Guarantee Viral with Buyral!

Tired of your viral videos not going viral? BUYral! Guaranteed to give you the results you think you deserve after the magnanimous $10,000 you tossed at that “production company” with the YouTube channel and a GoPro.

Another great piece of ad-and-client satire by Toronto-based john st., the guys who also gave you the catvertising agency and the pink ponies case study.

'Nobody wants to see ads anymore. They want cat videos.'

Showing what brave and epic savvy an agency must have to keep up with the times, here John St. proposes its justification for producing a dedicated catvertising agency.

"By 2015, cat videos are going to represent 90% of content on the World Wide Web," employee Jason Last states in all seriousness.

Love how this takes the typical inspirational synergy video and makes it look ridiculous. And while we dig the mix of gravity and comic timing John St. demonstrated in approaching this topic, the cat video theme would have been funnier last year. At this point in the internet chronology, it’s kind of like tossing in an “all your base are” reference.

Still good, though! High five.