Bill Green

Name a brand or media channel and Bill Green’s probably worked on and in it. An art director by trade, he’s focused on an overall holistic approach to brand madness that merges the worlds of traditional, digital and social – whatever it takes.

Having worked previously with Darryl and Humongo and current AdVerve podcast partner with Angela, he’s currently doing creative strategy and pitch development with BFG in Hilton Head. The ad blog Make The Logo Bigger is about his experiences in the world of advertising and beyond.

Angela Natividad

Angela Natividad is a strategist, copywriter and journalist based in Paris. She writes MarketingProfs’ #SocialSkim, is a frequent guest on marketing podcast The Beancast, and co-hosts AdVerve the podcast. Most of her secret thoughts are on her blog, Live and Uncensored.

Darryl Ohrt

Darryl Ohrt is a former punk rocker, and Executive Creative Director at Carrot Creative, in NYC. In addition to his posts here, he also writes for Advertising Age’s Small Agency Diary, as the voice of the small guy in a big, big world.

After founding the legendary agency Humongo, he sold out to the man, left the entrepreneurial life and joined Carrot. Now he’s the self proclaimed Prime Minister of Awesome, and he’s tweeting, blogging, and exploring the internets as if it matters. He knows just enough to be dangerous, and is always ready for action.

Posts tagged "ad industry"

this device may eliminate your production intern

You know what a pain it is to eliminate the background in all of those product catalog shots? This is the stuff that design interns know all too well, and StyleShoots is here to solve that problem.

The device pictured above allows photographers to shoot product void of any background at all - eliminating hours and hours of tedious Photoshop work later. Which should leave plenty of time for interns to do more important things, like getting coffee.

you can work here

A new program called Free Desk Here asks agencies to make better use of their free space, and give birth to individual creatives who are looking for a fun place to work.

Agencies that participate get a screen printed poster to promote their space. The first 50 on board get signed posters. Everyone keeps working.

And God made an ad person…

for sale: product manager

Philippe Dubost is a web product manager. And he knows that it’s not easy standing out in a sea of applicants looking for every open job. So he’s positioned himself like a product on Amazon. It’s not really Amazon, of course, but he’s managed to replicate nearly every single feature of the online superstore to sell himself.

Surprisingly, the format works really well, covering more detail than most first interviews might unveil. And - what better way to position product management skills than positioning yourself as a product? Buy now.

calling bullsh*t on design jargon

Sometimes people in our industry get a little full of themselves, and attempt to make what they’re doing more complicated, serious or magical. It rarely is, of course, and now Design Jargon Bullshit is here to call them out - each and every instance, with a link to the offender. This was necessary.

holiday greetings, obnoxious commenter style


Imagine all of the most fun comments from the Agency Spy blog brought to light in a sweet and endearing holiday card. Assfaces, dicks and hilarious commenters never sounded so much like Christmas.

Interactive video address made fun

This is how an interactive holiday greeting should be done.

On the surface: Maurice Levy giving his typical and annual greeting about the position of Publicis.

Click deeper: cheating the program forward, changing the volume, or video quality make this a most fun and interactive experience. Your CEO was never this much fun.

what a conference should be

Perhaps you heard about XOXO, the conference that’s not really a conference in Portland earlier this year. Waxy provides a detailed analysis on what made XOXO great. In a time where conferences like SXSW are growing past the point of ridiculousness (expect your parents to be going this year), it’s a perfect time to rethink, simplify, and do something better. Hooray for XOXO. 

the true meaning of advent

Because you don’t already see enough ads during the holiday season, agency Yoke has created a real-life ADvent calendar - that delivers what advent calendars were meant to do, when the word was invented: present ads. (Thanks, Casey!)

style guides galore

More style guides than you could ever hope to enjoy, all in one place.

wisdom, well designed

20 pearls of wisdom, presented with beautiful typography. Something you wanted, and never realized that you needed. And now they’re here.

These were slammed together in mere minutes by designer Thierry Brunfaut. Thierry gave himself exactly 300 seconds to produce each poster, and then released it into the wild.

What could you do, in 100 minutes? From @gabsrielle

you’ve seen this all before.

SharpSuits is a collection of beautifully designed, favorite worst feedback from clients. Because these things really happen, every day, in conference rooms and conference calls all across the land. From @judaborrayo.

what it takes to publish a brand’s tweet

Here’s the creepiest info graphic you will ever see about the agency business - illustrating the typical process that tweets, status updates and other brand things that work their way through the agency system - human centipede style.

Because tweets are better when they’ve passed through five other people.

The place where french fry goblins were born

Because there was no tastier place than McDonaldland…a seemingly LSD inspired world with friendly monsters, the hamburglar and of course, Grimace. This is a rare look at the shoot on the stage that was this magic, french fry infused place. The world was a better place when our food was sold by psychedelic puppets.

your logo is cheap next to this

The next time your client balks at what you wanted to charge for their logo design, just remind them that BP paid $211,000,000 for their new identity. That’s SIX zeros at the end. 

This, and other fancy logo budgets are detailed at (Just don’t let your client know that the Coke logo was free.)