Vooza takes the piss out of ‘branding’

You know those self-indulgent videos where people talk about creativity, inspiration and their approach to branding as motivational music plays in the background?

Since launching (and doing we’re-still-not-sure-what), Vooza's made it its business to demystify the startup journey by zeroing right into the smarmy “thought-leader” attitude that so readily shuts people out before they've begun. 

This video, “Branding”, covers everything from the word’s origins to building buzz. And it drops a grenade on every cliché that’s made branding impossible for anyone but an alchemist to understand.

Vooza’s formula for gauging a powerful brand: “When you think of Scandinavians who rape and pillage, and invade people … who comes to mind?” Yeah, you’ll have to watch the video to get context on that.