A photo a day, a finale that stings

We’re all a little over the “photo-a-day” videos, but this instance bears emotional potency put to good use. The words at the end of what turns out to be a PSA read, “Help me. I don’t know if I’ll make it to tomorrow.”

In less than 90 seconds, we’ve flicked through a year with a lovely girl whose anticipation for what’s to come seems to shine cheesily out of the frame — the way most photo-a-day journals start. As the year continues to flip by, you live the surprise of the first blow, the slow optimism that revives itself once it’s healed, and the gradual disappearance of anything resembling hope. 

Usually I gripe about the lack of obvious CTA at the end of these things, but in this case I think the CTA is obvious. You know when there’s violence happening around you. It’s an oppressive and terrible feeling. The ad is asking you to be sufficiently incensed that, next time it penetrates your walls, you pick up the phone and do something. Otherwise, who will?