Twitter’s First-Ever Zombie Attack: The Case Study

Late last year agency Darewin worked with underdog TV network NT1 to generate enthusiasm for Walking Dead’s super-late appearance on French TV. The resulting #WalkingDeadNT1 hashtag got zombies galore following and poking people all over Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

I wrote it up at the time, and since then Darewin’s tapped me to help bring its social TV work to a wider audience. I’m happy to say we’ve just completed the case study retelling that campaign. Find out how well it did, how many people it hit, and what kind of numbers it generated for the show’s season premiere.


  • On a shoestring budget the execution managed to generate ever-mounting viewership for the premiere and shows to follow.
  • It was among the most-tweeted premieres in France (despite the show being widely pirated at that time).
  • It sent NT1’s social street cred through the roof.

Check it out. And if you dig it, tweet the @ShortyAwards to help us convince ‘em this campaign deserves to win Best Use of a Hashtag on Twitter. Thanks, guys!