IKEA: Saving your relationship, one shoe rack at a time

Remember how much we all loved “Kitchen Party" with Jona Lewie? IKEA’s latest cinematic music video spot, "Living Together", is more soulful and emotional — the quietly-charged indie response to the Lewie ad’s flashy Euro hipster. We dig the story and its gentle unfolding toward the resolution, which satisfies content-wise while sharply demonstrating how IKEA can help you "make room for your life."

It’s also got vestiges of Levi’s “Strange Love" ad from 2007: both passion-charged stories are about getting closer, and the road to getting there gives both brands a rich canvas for expression.

Very nice work by MPC and Mother. Above you’ll find the long version; here’s the short one:

The song, Living Together, is by An Escape Plan. Score the track here.