Zombie ‘Walkers’ Attack Twitter Users!

Our Follow list is crawling with walkers. And you thought the internet was safe!

French network NT1, which has just licensed Walking Dead for syndication in France, is running a guerrilla operation that gives people the thrill of being zombie-stalked … from Twitter.

A news article on their Walking Dead subsite alerts users to a “zombie virus” that’s contaminated NT1 employees. To avoid contamination, you’re advised:

  • NOT to Tweet the #walkingdeadNT1 hashtag
  • NOT to comment on #walkingdeadNT1 posts on Facebook
  • NOT to comment on the site.

The article went live yesterday. Since then, hundreds of people have tweeted the hashtag:

When you tweet it, a huge array of zombies starts following you on Twitter and will sometimes even @ you to go, “AAAAAAAH!”

No bites yet, but do you really want to risk it…?

Nice work by social TV agency Darewin. Noting that Twitter has taken to deleting the zombie accounts mere hours after they’ve been created, founder Wale Oyekanmi just laughed. “They follow you, you look at the accounts, and maybe some are dead,” he told us. “It’s coherent with the strategy.” In an ideal world, zombies don’t live long anyway.